Testing / certifications in accordance
with the IECEx System

  • As IECEx Test Laboratory (ExTL) and IECEx Certification Body (ExCB) in the field of Certified Equipment Scheme
  • Equipment
  • Protective systems
  • Components
  • Quality assurance systems (QA systems)
  • Testing / certifications of electrical equipment / components are recognized by the U.S. Coast Guard

Since 2007, the IBExU Institut für Sicherheitstechnik GmbH has been recognised by the IECEx secretariat in the field of the Certified Equipment Scheme as an IECEx Test Laboratory (ExTL) and IECEx Certification Body (ExCB) and is thus authorised to issue ExTRs (IECEx Test Reports), QARs (IECEx Quality Assessment Reports) as well as CoCs (IECEx Certificates of Conformity).

Tests / certifications carried out within the scope of the IECEx Scheme are recognised by the U.S. Coast Guard. The recognition has been in place since 2014.

Approval procedures consist of an examination with subsequent evaluation and, in the case of a positive result, a certification. Differentiation is made between approval procedures on products (Step 1) and quality assurance systems (Step 2). Products which are to be approved in accordance with the IECEx Scheme can only be marketed as certified equipment after carrying out steps 1 and 2.

Elementary principles form the IECEx Rules 01 and 02. Rule 01 describes the IECEx Scheme in general. The fundamental approach with approval procedures within the scope of the IECEx Certified Equipment Scheme is elucidated in Rule 02 and supplemented by the IECEx Guide 02A.

Approval procedures on products (Step 1)

In the case of products, differentiation is in principle made between equipment, protective systems and components. For approval procedures which take place strictly in accordance with the Standard, other documents supplementary to the Rules and Guides such as operational documents (ODs) are consulted. In the case of a positive test result an online ExTR will be issued.

Approval procedures on quality assurance systems (Step 2)

The (online) ExTRs which are compiled in step 1 form the basis for the implementation of approval procedures on quality assurance systems. In the case of a positive audit result, an online QAR is issued.


Where a published ExTR (online ExTR) for a product and a valid QAR (online QAR) for the quality assurance system within the corresponding scope exists, the IECEx Certificate of Conformity (CoC) can be issued. With issuing of the CoC it is allowed to mark the correspondig products as Certified Equipment and sell them correspondingly.