Explosion protection seminars 2016

01/02/2016 Published by

The topics and dates for our explosion protection seminars have been set for 2016. The double seminars take place on the 26th/27th April, 7th/8th June and the 13th/14th September. The topic of the first double seminar deals with the fundamentals of explosion protection combined with new regulations on explosion protection – Directive 2014/34/EU and BetrSichV (Ordinance on Industrial Safety and Health).

BetrSichV (Ordinance on Industrial Safety and Health) replaced on 01/06/2015

01/06/2015 Published by

The German Ordinance on Industrial Safety and Health (BetrSichV) of 27/09/2002 have been replaced by the first Article of the “Verordnung zur Neuregelung der Anforderungen an den Arbeitsschutz bei der Verwendung von Arbeitsmitteln und Gefahrstoffen”. The new formulation of the German Ordinance on industrial safety and health („Verordnung über Sicherheit und Gesundheitsschutz bei der Verwendung von Arbeitsmitteln“) came into force on the 01/06/2015.

Directive 2014/34/EU replaces Directive 94/9/EC

26/02/2014 Published by

The ATEX Guideline (Directive 94/9/EC) will be superseded by the Directive 2014/34/EU. The new formulation of the Directive „Guidelines for the manufacture of equipment and protective systems for use in potentially explosive ares“ can be applied to conformity assessment procedures from the 20/04/2016.