Measurement / Experimental investigations

  • Research and development as Affiliate Institute of the TU Bergakademie Freiberg
  • MIL testing
  • RTCA testing
  • IP type of protection testing

As a centre for specialist expertise in the area of explosion protection, the IBExU Institut für Sicherheitstechnik GmbH carries out a diversity of tests. With the recognition as Affiliate Institute of the TU Bergakademie Freiberg in 1995, a variety of options arose to advance the research and development.

As a centre for specialist expertise, tests are carried out for the aviation industry in accordance with, for example, MIL-STD-810 and RTCA DO-160. Also performed are IP protection class tests.

In addition, testing of equipment subject to Annex VIII of the Directive 2014/34/EU (Module A: Internal production control) fall within this area of services. Because the tests take place on a voluntary basis, in contrast to a stipulated test in accordance with the Directive 2014/34/EU, in the case of a positive result a type approval test certificate is issued and not an EU type approval test certificate.